1. Seeing the big picture and delving into root causes

Because the need is for transformation not modification, Conscious Travel addresses root causes not symptoms.

The task is to identify and break habits and patterns of thought and action that no longer serve us. For example, the habit of acting first and thinking after.

If the root cause of our predicament is a faulty, obsolete, inaccurate set of assumptions, values and beliefs, which cause us to filter out what we need to see and understand, then stopping first, examining those filters, recognizing the way they shape our behaviour and then changing them, is vital. While, in times of stress, it may feel counter-intuitive to appear to be doing nothing but in this case, there’s no other way.

In addition to working from the inside out – from seeing, to being and then to doing, in that order, Conscious Travel looks beyond the exterior manifestations of a problem to the interior influences and causes which inevitably means identifying motivations, benefits and trade offs experienced by people.

"Any company designed for success in the 20th Century is doomed to fail in the 21st"

David Rose, Serial Entrepreneur