5. Conscious Travel is ultimately a personal and professional development program

Our primary difference from existing educational programs designed to make tourism more sustainable is that we do not duplicate but complement existing skills and knowledge-oriented training.

Our aim is to inspire, stimulate a committed curiosity, and draw out latent creative and leadership capacities to make a contribution to an active community of learners.

Our focus is on the “vertical development” of hosts – expanding their perspective, developing their vision and confidence, supporting their to capacity to learn and inspire others, encouraging their collaboration, affirming their role in making the world a better place and ensuring their destinations enjoy more assured prosperity in the future.

We have a fundamental belief that since hosts are inviting visitors to share their home places, they have both a right and responsibility to ensure they nurture, nourish and protect their community as a living being in its own right. We have confidence that with access to quality information, informed guidance, the practice of openness, reciprocity and respect, such communities can shape the development of a visitor economy that delivers real net benefit and that enable all stakeholders to truly flourish.

There is no silver bullet or checklist of operational steps and “how tos” because each destination is different in so many ways. We can, however, share both learning, experiences from elsewhere and some basic principles.

"That a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualisation"

Abraham Maslow