Are you Fit to Flourish in an Age of Disruption?

Introducing an "in-community" workshop for providers of travel, tourism and hospitality services


  • Working harder but earning less?
  • Overwhelmed by the speed of change, volatility and uncertainty?
  • Having difficulty keeping up with market trends ?
  • Aware that “business as Usual” is unsustainable but are not sure what to do next?
  • Concerned about diminishing margins?
  • Confused by rapidly evolving distribution channels?
  • Tired of the boom and bust cycle?
  • Worried about resistance and backlash from the community?
  • Wanting more influence on how tourism develops?

We believe  doing more of the same, when

everything around you is changing, is a recipe for disaster.

Since every place is different there are no generic blueprints or simple panaceas.

The challenges business face are too complex and wicked for that.



Getting Fit to Flourish requires:

  1. Seeing the world differently (developing fresh insights)
  2. Exercising a change of heart (having courage)
  3. Choosing to collaborate (profiting from our interdependencies)
  4. Waking up, growing up and stepping up (developing self awareness, mastery and leadership)

In this workshop you will

LEARN how to:

  • flourish (achieve higher sustainable yield)
  • unleash the passion and commitment of the people you work with
  • attract the right customers who, like you, deeply care for your place
  • realise your potential to become an agent of change in your  community



  • greater mastery of yourself and your business
  • better and more sustainable yields
  • a deeper, empowering sense of purpose
  • greater resilience
  • more adaptability
  • more engagement with and support from your community


More Testimonials

Anna is one of the few truly brave and visionary thinkers working in tourism today, and one of the very few willing to grapple with the challenge of addressing the root causes of our crises rather than just tinkering around the edges of a flawed economic system

Jeremy Smith

Editor, Travindy

Anna Pollock is a thought leader who has addressed the challenges of modern tourism holistically focusing on the well being of communities and hosts. Her focus on Conscious Travel where priorities on Purposes above profit matches well with the experiments we are involved in the last two decades. In this time of talks about ‘mainstreaming sustainability’, Anna is articulating the need to change the way we think and function

Gopinath Parayil

Founder, The Blue Yonder

Some Testimonials

Anna is one of the tourism world’s leading lights in sustainable, responsible, conscious travel. She has her eyes firmly set on a positive future, one that will only be achieved by attempting some daring new thinking and taking advantage one of the most powerful forces that exists for change; the informed consumer.

David Wilks

NZ Dept of Conservation

I first learned about ‘the mind’ of Anna Pollock when I read an article of hers online, signed up for her blog then met her when she was keynote speaker at the TIDES conferencein Samoa in 2010. I am endlessly impressed with the research, thought and consideration of all perspectives Anna gives to everything she does. I have yet to meet a finer tourism strategist or a more thought provoking and inspirational person

Gina Paladini

Tomahawk Brand Management

Anna presented to Canmore a few years ago, but the insights she shared were so far ahead of their time AND so time-less in their truth, that I still refer to them today. “How can we provide tranformational experience?” is a lodestar in designing for the future.

Marta Avery

Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions

How to Host a Workshop


Thanks for joining me here. It’s great that you and your colleagues might want to become Fit to Flourish.

As our workshops are organised in communities for communities, you cannot book online for one here.  BUT if you would like to bring a workshop into your community and attract a group of hosts who want to become fit for the future, we’d love to talk with you.

The Model
The model is simple. The facilitator, Anna Pollock, works with an individual well connected in the community, who wishes to act as the local Conscious Travel Co-ordinator.  We discuss your situation, plans, issues and hopes and determine if this is right for you.

The local Coordinator does, as, the name implies, all the marketing, logistics, fund raising (if necessary) and accounting for a pre-agreed fee. Conscious Travel provides digital marketing material to support the Co-ordinator.

The facilitator customises the content, travels, stays, delivers and follows up for a fixed fee + all travel expenses.

The facilitator and coordinator agree on the participation price per person based on local conditions. The aim is for delegate participation not to cost more than US$200 for one and half days plus membership in an on-going online community.

So fill the form below and let’s see if we can help your community get ready to flourish!

Best wishes


If you would like a workshop in you area, tailor-made to your circumstances, contact us:

+44 7799758672

Yew Tree Cottage


Or simply send us a message via this form. We look forward to hearing from you.