Anna is one of the few truly brave and visionary thinkers working in tourism today, and one of the very few willing to grapple with the challenge of addressing the root causes of our crises rather than just tinkering around the edges of a flawed economic system

Jeremy Smith

Editor, Travindy

Anna Pollock is a thought leader who has addressed the challenges of modern tourism holistically focusing on the well being of communities and hosts. Her focus on Conscious Travel where priorities on Purposes above profit matches well with the experiments we are involved in the last two decades. In this time of talks about ‘mainstreaming sustainability’, Anna is articulating the need to change the way we think and function

Gopinath Parayil

Founder, The Blue Yonder


Anna is one of the tourism world’s leading lights in sustainable, responsible, conscious travel. She has her eyes firmly set on a positive future, one that will only be achieved by attempting some daring new thinking and taking advantage one of the most powerful forces that exists for change; the informed consumer.

David Wilks

NZ Dept of Conservation

I first learned about ‘the mind’ of Anna Pollock when I read an article of hers online, signed up for her blog then met her when she was keynote speaker at the TIDES conferencein Samoa in 2010. I am endlessly impressed with the research, thought and consideration of all perspectives Anna gives to everything she does. I have yet to meet a finer tourism strategist or a more thought provoking and inspirational person

Gina Paladini

Tomahawk Brand Management

Anna presented to Canmore a few years ago, but the insights she shared were so far ahead of their time AND so time-less in their truth, that I still refer to them today. “How can we provide tranformational experiences?” is a lodestar in designing for the future.

Marta Avery

Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions