Why is Conscious Business on the rise?

Conscious Business is best understood as a dynamic movement – a kaleidoscope of ideas, values, beliefs and practices that integrate and synergise multiple responses to four sources of pressure for change:

Economy– structural and systemic faults within the current economic and financial system are causing a momentous quest for a “new economy” or “systems change.” While they may not call themselves conscious, many business leaders are, nevertheless,  recognizing that the single-minded pursuit of profit for shareholders isn’t working but when business turns its focus to addressing bigger problems, and to creating wealth that serves the common good, then profits follow.

By addressing both the inner world of business people (their values, beliefs and assumptions) as well as the outer world of practice, structures and processes, Conscious Business will generate truly radical change that enables a whole new system of commerce to emerge.

Environment – while most businesses are beginning to acknowledge they must respect the laws of nature and consider a triple bottom line, Conscious Businesses leaders know this isn’t enough. We must go beyond “doing no harm” to ensuring business acts as an agent of regeneration that enables all stakeholder to flourish.

Ethics – in a connected world of instant communication and access to information, business is constantly being nudged in the direction of higher ethical standards, greater transparency and more accountability. Fortunately the evidence is now showing that ethical business for good is good for business.

Changing Human Values and Awareness – at the very moment when it has become essential for humans to better understand why they behave a certain way (i.e., to question their values, assumptions and beliefs), findings from science (notably neuroscience and psychology) are showing how we can change those inner drivers and achieve levels of performance previously considered unattainable. As importantly, we’re beginning to understand the very deep ways in which humans are connected to one another and other life forms – sharing similar DNA, biological processes and even emotions.