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6. Encourage full integration and inclusivity with other community-based initiatives

As discussed in Item # 2 of Our Unique Approach, creating a community of hosts who pursue a shared vision,is a critical aspect of our work. But, if acting alone, such a community would be ineffective. The visitor economy is just one thread in the rich economic tapestry unique to each place.

Fortunately, the number of community-based and community-oriented organisations, consultancies and initiatives, who are committed to nourishing local living economies, has mushroomed in recent years. Members of now ubiquitous Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) also have a stake but, as their mandate is primarily marketing and as the living economy organisations rarely mention tourism, a gap exists. Conscious Travel tries to fill this gap by encouraging hosts to become active localists and identify as many suitable organisations with which they can collaborate as possible.

"There are no out-of-the-box solutions. There can only be a fierce, determined commitment to envision a potential beyond what currently exists for the places we care about and to work hard to manifest that potential."

The Regenesis Group